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“IMBARCO 10” is Milan's distinctive fish restaurant, where quality and freshness come together in a perfect alchemy of elegance and good taste.

Mediterranean cuisine, with excursions into the Sicilian, Calabrian and Apulian regional cuisine. Tradition is combined with a daring experimentation of creativity and originality of combinations and amalgamation of raw materials to characterise a refined and exclusive alternative, classy and with a contemporary taste.

Exclusivity, tradition, audacity and passion for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine create a unique gastronomic offer which distinguishes the rich à la carte menu designed to satisfy any palate.
Among the fish specialities, which are unforgettable for the palate, the exclusive seafood crudités, the sumptuous Catalan lobster and the irresistible first courses of the best Italian seafaring tradition stand out.

On request, a land menu can be offered: Florentine cut meat, angus beef, first courses from the land, vegetarian cuisine, menus for celiacs and more to meet specific needs.
The desserts, rigorously prepared at home, vary from day to day and are based on the inspiration of our chefs.

A careful selection of wines completes the eno-gastronomic offer, always offering the best combination of the varied culinary selection and the enological match.

We always assure all our guests of the high professionalism and competence of our passionate chefs, of the obsessive attention and care for every detail of our dining room staff, and of the guarantee and selection of the best-quality food to ensure our customers' loyalty.


As they are about to unknowingly venture into a luxuriant and fragrant sensory undergrowth, the entrance to the room will surprise our guests, leaving them astonished and amazed by an ineluctable perception and atmosphere of the surrounding beauty.

Nothing is left to chance; everything is finely curated to inebriate our guests with a very refined emotional and persuasive experience which aims at the heart of their most indelible memories, in such a persistent and dreamy way as to make them unaware of the mystical tasting experience to which they will be subjected.

You just have to try to let yourself be overwhelmed in the spirit through the senses, kidnapping the soul and upsetting the usual fabulation of flavours.

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With its distinct ochre pantone, the room echoes the Sicilian hills silhouetted in the variegated visual palette which ranges from the warm chromaticity of taupe/burnt sienna shades, through the vermilion golden textures, until it reaches the soul of the wooded vegetation with its bright and energetic emerald green in which the origins of native vines are rediscovered, kissed by the sun and by the heat of the Ionian land, so luxuriant and fragrant with Greek reminiscences, evoking olfactory basics of Arab inspiration and Norman influence in an Aragonese melting pot with a sensorial aftertaste of a sure and enviable emotional impact.

The mellow and waning curtains, so soft and enveloping to the eye, will embrace you along the entire experiential path in space and through the senses and will warm your daring culinary journey.

The walls illuminated with soft and suffused light, to profuse serenity and instil a pervasive sense of welcome under the reassuring confidentiality of the dining room staff who will be able to advise you as expert guides and lead you by the hand along the entire gastronomic journey, will give access to the convivial path of taste, crossing the walkable surfaces and leading back to the mystical memories of the parched and unpaved roads of the Murgian countryside radiated by the multifaceted, multiform, colourful and contagious energy of the culture of food placed at the origin of the emotions, in the deep South of the soul.


We aren't in Area C of Milan.

Nearby stops: Piazza Repubblica - Porta Garibaldi - Garibaldi Station - Porta Nuova - Corso Como - Piazza Gae Aulenti.

Ringroad: Fulvio Testi-Melchiorre Gioia exit.

We recommend that our Dear Customers park in front of the restaurant.

Free WiFi.

Patio available.

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